Hello Woodrockers- Happy September, and thank you for taking the time to read our bi-monthly update!

The smell of jasmine is starting to fill the air and that old familiar thunderstorm weather is rumbling into Jozi and as always Woodrock are ready.

So what have we been busy with? Well I can most certainly say that we have been barkingly busy!

Straight into business!

Sterilisation Wednesdays:

The plight of animal rescue is always compounded and made more difficult through the immense overpopulation of unwanted animals due to irresponsible breeding and more often than not, lack of education about or access to sterilisation.

Woodrock Sterilisation Clinic
Woodrock Sterilisation Clinic
Woodrock Sterilisation Clinic

Woodrock identified this issue very early on in our inception and so this avenue has always been one that has been fuelled by not only urgency to stop the issue from compounding itself, but to put the brakes on having to find future homes for unwanted surplus fur babies.

Close to thirty years later and our state of the art sterilisation clinic located at our shelter has provided the perfect backdrop and facilities to address this issue.

Wednesdays at Woodrock are synonymous with sterilisation. Our team of experienced professionals, vet nurse and vet perform back to back sterilisations to animals that either come into our shelter before being adopted, or animals belonging to community members who are unable or unaware that sterilisation goes hand in hand with responsible pet ownership and have approached us to assist.

We feel immense pride when we update our monthly stats, knowing that this one avenue of rescue is perhaps the most successful. Sterilisation in essence saves countless lives, not only to the birthing mother but to her prospective future offspring.

It’s a no brainer- sterilisation saves lives and this has always been one of the beacons of hope for us because it is a once off sustainable exercise with immense impact.

So what other news does Woodrock have…. Well, in light of the blindingly successful PUP- POP UP locations, we have been afforded the opportunity of setting up our third site- this time in the very heart of Sandton.

On Saturday the 04 September Spring really sprung at the Garden Shop Bryanston when we launched our Third Pup-Pop-Up venue. Tails were wagging and smiles a plenty as volunteers, fur friends and market vendors showcased their best! The Pop-Up model once again proved to be exceptionally fruitful with a record number of adoption applications submitted, at Sunday tallying at a staggering 33 applications. As is standard procedure- Woodrock will do all home checks, inoculations and sterilisation prior to the final placement of our prospective adoptees. We were also fortunate enough to have excellent weather- even further reason to get out and socialise in a safe open- air covid controlled environment. Overall it was a roaring success and an enjoyable weekend for all which will hopefully be a sustainable and fruitful ongoing project! Show your support by checking out one of our Pup-Pop-Up centres located at Woodrock’s Main shelter in Hennops River, The Garden Shop in Parktown North or the very latest offering in the heart of Bryanston! We can’t wait to see you there.

Feel good central! Please support us and go check out our magnificent animals. 

Marltons, the pet care experts and one of these loyal vendors always come to the party when it comes to helping animals in need!!!

 Woodrock Animal Rescue Pop- Up Pups now travel like the precious cargo that they are in a fantastic new Marltons transit trailer. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and for taking our mission FUR- ther than ever before!

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For more info on this event and more go check out our WOODROCK PUP POP-UP page

Woodrock knows that Animal Rescue is immensely dependent on multiple hands coming together to have the greatest impact. Through our years in rescue and our accumulated experience, we are often consulted by other rescue centres and extend the generosity of our patrons forward when the situation allows.

At the start of September Woodrock made a delivery to Claw, a fellow rescue centre, and they were elated to receive some wonderful dog goodies for their animals in need. We also took 5 of their animals into our care, they will be up for adoption in due course- so please keep an eye out on our socials @WoodrockAnimalRescue

For regular visitors to the shelter- our resident donkeys are an attraction with their antics and horse-play and “Hay” we love to keep our beasts of burden happy too. 

One way we have really upped the ante for their entertainment and stimulation is through the construction of a sandy Lunge pad which has quickly become one of the most popular spots on the farm! 

We just love watching the donkeys frolicking around in sheer glee ( a very loud celebration ensues!).

This is a stark contrast from the unfortunate backgrounds that many of them have come from. It is through these types of upgrades at our facilities in Hennops that give Woodrock Animals immense quality of life and this in turn makes our rescue efforts even sweeter.

Woodrock Donkey
Well that’s all for now- I have to go as I can hear the call for happy walks in the valley, they dogs love it and they CAN TELL THE TIME! And await caregivers attention…

Love Stella