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Pet Hotel

luxury pet boarding facility

Woodrock Pet Hotel is a luxury pet boarding facility that goes above and beyond to give your dogs the five star love and attention they need whilst you are unable to do so.

In Gauteng, nestled peacefully in the beautiful slopes of the Hennops River Valley (just 20 mins north of Fourways Mall), lies a magical place where animals and humans come together as family.

Out of Season

Per guest per night
R 180
  • Throughout the year
  • Excludes mid and high season

Mid Season

Per guest per night
R 210
  • Gauteng school & and public holidays
  • Excludes high season and out of season
* Popular

High Season

Per guest per night
R 250
  • December/January
  • Gauteng government school holidays

Under the care of Stella and Nicholas Meldau, Woodrock Pet Hotel is a place of solace and sanctuary for your loving pet. Catering to the broad Gauteng region and boasting one of the most respected and loyal clientele, Woodrock Pet Hotel is somewhat of a legend.

Our Pet Hotel caters for pampered loved pets. All pets deserve top care and total devotion. We offer unparalleled care for your pets. Woodrock’s founders have devoted their lives to animals. The love and attention that each animal receives make Woodrock’s holiday experience one that you can trust.

The best thing is that by supporting our Pet Hotel you are helping rescue animals, as all proceeds go to fund Woodrock Animal Rescue.

Our standards are high and uncompromising. This ensures a loving, nurturing environment for your cherished pet, giving you absolute peace of mind. Pet owners entrust their beloved fur babies to the loving care of Woodrock Pet Hotel and many clients return year after year.

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