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Gender: Female

Age: 7years

Breed: Bull terrier cross

Temperament: Great

Walk with lead: Yes

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs only

Mixed breed (golden retriever & bull terrier and possibility of other breeds) we rescued the mother from the street in JHB, and couldn’t find the owner. The mother was skinny from hunger and never knew she was pregnant. After delivering the puppies, we decided on keeping Zera as she was the only brindle between all pups. Since the puppies started with solids, we noticed Zera was very protective of her food. Zera and Skye used to sleep in the same beds and play together. Never eat together. We moved in with my sister and they had a small dog. After that Zera and Skye attacked each other and jealousy started when petting, playing or be in the same room. After moving out, we tried to put Zera and Skye together again, but the fights didn’t stop, so we separated them. Zera alone is a very playful and loving dog alone with no kids or any other animals. Very protective and won’t allow anyone close to owners. After our domestic lady tried to open the gate, Zera bit her. After the Gardner handed me the keys she attacked him. She had close calls with other kids approaching to quickly. Also very protective of her bed and food bowels (no other dogs to approach her bed or food bowel) Believe she will be best fit for protecting owners with no kids or other pets as she is extremely protective and jealous. She had babies once, and not sterilised. Also slept inside since birth. Scared of the weather and crackers. Enjoy walks, and to play fetch.