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Gender: Male

Age: 4 and 6

Breed: Boerboels

Temperament: Protective

Walk with lead: Yes

House trained: Yes

Social: No animal social skills

Hi, There are actually two dogs, Tina (4 years old girl)and Tyson (6 years old boy), both boerboels. As my parents are now older, they are moving into a smaller unit where no dogs are allowed. I would take the dogs myself, but I live in an apartment block and so would not have space for them. They are both very loving and protective dogs. Unfortunately, they have not really been socialised with other dogs. The two dogs are like peas in a pod, but they do fight every now and then. They have both been spayed and had all their shots. We have all the necessary documentation as well. We would keep them if we could but that is no longer possible. Looking forward to your response.