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Gender: Female

Age: 7years

Breed: Husky Cross

Temperament: Great

Walk with lead: No

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs, Cats, Adults & Children

Mixed breed between huskey & German shepherd. They (skye, brothers and sisters) were captive in a 1 x 1 Meter cage at original owners, and at 12 weeks we took her in. She was never introduced to other dogs nor humans from original owners.After taking her in, till date she hides from people entering the yard. She doesn’t approach you if she doesn’t knows you. Hides in small places. In general, very loving towards small dogs (no big dogs) and kids. She was never introduced to cats, and don’t know how she will react. She has a very sensitive stomach and can only eat certain dog food (currently Montego essential) otherwise she will start bleeding from behind. She doesn’t like any leashes or walking bands, as she will hurt herself running into walls and trying to escape the leash or walking band. Since we took her in, she slept inside and not familiar sleeping outside. She is sterilised and never had babies. Not scared of the weather but terrified at crackers (New year) in general she is a very happy and loving dog, if she trusts you. Plays by herself when she has a ball. She doesn’t know how to fetch or bring a ball. She like to camouflage herself when playing with small dogs and playfully attaches them.