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Gender: Female

Age: 9 years


Temperament: CHILLED

Walk with lead: No

House trained: No

Social: Social with Dogs only

This is a really sad story and i truly hope you can adopt this beautiful girl and find her a forever home. Her name is Loki she is not my dog but her owner which was my boss and a very close friend passed away last year September. She had a furr partner Boela but he had to be put down in December because he was very ill with Cancer and suffering badly. Loki lives on the farm where our office is based but she is extremely lonely as there is no one living here any more that can look after her only when we come to work but the farm is in the market so we will have to move our office. My heart bleads i really need her to find a forever home if i dont get her a home then she will be put down and i can not have that happen. please help !!