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Gender: Male

Age: 8yrs

Breed: Labrador

Temperament: Happy go lucky but trained

Walk with lead: Yes

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs, Cats, Adults & Children

Hemloooo my name is Chuck, I was meant to be Charles, but my mischievous smile changed my mommy’s mind. I am a very friendly, well socialised Labrador from Lab Rescue, I LOVE other dogs, I LOVE cats, I LOVE kiddies, I LOVE people, I guess I am a LOVErador not a Labrador 😃 Food is my favourite thing, I try to convince my mommy that she hasn’t fed me but she can’t be bamboozled, She has trained me well, I have a go slow eating bowl so that I can actually breathe when eating my foodies, she tells me to sit, leave it and then puts the food down, I lovingly look into her eyes and wait for her to say “Good dog eat” I also weewee on command, (the words Pipitime have magic!) Apparently I am a big boy even though I wish I was little, and sometimes I forget my strength, but my mommy just tells me to love her gently and I immediately remember I am happiest as an inside dog where I can be part of the family, please can I sleep in the room with you, I will bring my own bed and duvet and promise to try not to snore too loudly. My favourite place for scritches is gently between my front legs, sometimes I purr, it sounds like a growl but I grew up with a cat and she taught me to purr. Fortunately my mommy knows this and tells people not to be scared, I am just vocal. The only thing I don’t like is you holding my paws, if you take my leg in your hand I will immediately lay on my back, surrender my tummy and ask you nicely to please tickle me there instead. Sometimes my mommy does it as a game and says its her paw, but its mine, rather tickle my tummel please 😊 If you want to know more about me you can call my mommy on 0845611645 She will tell you what an awesome doggo I am