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Gender: Male

Age: 8

Breed: Housecat

Temperament: Laidback

Walk with lead: No

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs & Cats

Trooper is as his name indicates a real trooper. He was shot in his front leg with a pellet gun. He was hospitalised and underwent groundbreaking surgery. He was a real trooper post-op and the three month healing time. He loves his human and you will find him stretched out on her bed napping during the day. He is talkative in greeting with a hallo and a huge amount of moaning when his human goes to bed and is put outside the room. He tends to sleep right there on the doormat in front of her room. He lives the company of his cat and doggy sisters. When he realise the doggies are going for a walk, he strolls with and wait at a safe distance for their return. Greetings halooo, when he sees them and then continue accompany them home. He enjoys to receive and give affection. He is