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Gender: Male

Age: 3.5 and 1.9

Breed: Tadashi is Calico and Jayla is mix with Siamese

Temperament: Timid and very loving

Walk with lead: No

House trained: Yes

Social: No animal social skills

I have 2 cats, live on the first floor of a complex. I adore my 2 babies, but the situation since lockdown (lost my little flower business) has become even more untenable. Financially it is a living nightmare, but I always make sure that my babies have food, I very rarely have food for myself. I can no longer give them the security they deserve. They deserve happiness and love (hopefully a little garden). Please, I am begging you to help, and more importantly to be placed together, as they are all they know since little. Yesterday I went and spoke to SPCA, but it is not an option for me as they are pro-euthanasia. Kind regards, Carina