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Gender: Male

Age: 6

Breed: Half Siamese Half something else

Temperament: wonderful

Walk with lead: No

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs, Cats, Adults & Children

Almost 4 years ago we adopted Sumi from a family that were emigrating to Greece. He is half Siamese and half StreetšŸ˜¬ He is 6 years old. Sadly, we have decided that we can no longer keep SumišŸ„²His relationship with our old man, Pablo, a Burmese, has always been tricky and things have escalated between them to the degree that they are both not happy. This is distressing for everyone. Sumi is loving, communicative and independent. He is comfortable around dogs, in fact he likes to hang with them and even eat with them! Sumi is also used to children so no issues therešŸ‘šŸ»