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Gender: Female

Age: 1-5 years old

Breed: Domestic cats

Temperament: Loveable, carring, attention seeking, cuddle buddies

Walk with lead: No

House trained: Yes

Social: Social with Dogs & Cats

Kirra:(+-5years old)- she is a lovable princess that enjoy cuddles and attention. She have a husky meow but will only meow if you meow at her or when it is eattibg time. She enjoy being picked up and cuddled aswell as sleeping under blankets next to her human. She is very well behaved and easily become friends with humans. Dusty:(+-4years old)- she is very vocal and talkative. She enjoy being in the arms and being cuddles aswell as getting her belly rubs. She will follow you around the house asking for your attention and the more you ignore her the louder she become. Misty:(from same litter as Dusty +-4 years old)- she is lovable and slightly attention seeking. Love keeping you company on the toilet or cuddle with human under blankets tightly in your arms. She will grab you foot if you pass her and dont pet her. Babbatjie:(+-3 to 4 years old)- we picked her up from the street when she was about 4 weeks old. She is extremely shy and very untrusting of humans. She need a slow and gentle approach (wont hiss or scratch just runs away and look for a hiding spot) but most of her time she will be by her self. (She dont mingle much with the others). She can become lovable, but take a lot of work and is scared very easily with fast movement or loud noices. Tom:(+- 3 years old)- we got him when he was about a year old. He took some time to adjust with the other but now he loves everyone. He is very playfull and energetic. He loves attention and does not get the idea others also need some love. He will rub up against you all the time ore sit right behind you while you cooking. Once picked up, he hook up to you and dont want to let go or be put down. Love cuddles. Pixi:(+- a year old)- she is a lazy fat furry potato. Love attention and being close to you. She is very sneaky by going into the room when you want to get every one out the room. Also love sneaking out and just ly in the sun. But when you pick her up se does get claustrophobic if hold to long. Other then that she will just lay lazily around or possim(fall infront of you and lay ther with her belly up)