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Dark brown Mexican Hairless dog wearing a yellow bowtie


From what we see, we think Kricket has had a hard life. We wish he could speak to us and tell us about all the…

Small Dachshund cross Mexican Hairless fog, wearing a blue and purple fanned bowtie


Kibbles has a typical Dachshund personality. He thinks he is bigger than he is and definitely takes charge. He plays well in our pack but…

Brown Mexican Hailess dog wearing an orange bowtie


Kermit has been moved around so much in his life. From shelter to Mexican hairless enthusiast to another ‘shelter’ and then to us. He is…

Medium-sized, brown Mexican Hairless dog wearing a green bowtie


Kimbo came to us with several other dogs from another shelter after the owner of the shelter passed away. Kimbo is a sweet, quiet old…