Woodrock Animal Rescue have a stunning clinic that we are so proud of. It has been a game changer in animal rescue, affording us the luxury of achieving our mission – TO STERILISE as many dogs/ cats as we are able to. This irradicates the number of animals born to lives of neglect and cruelty.

Our Clinic was designed as a STERILSATION project, where we aimed to sterilise 200 animals a month. We are proud to say that we have managed to achieve this goal.

Sponsor a Sterilisation and Save 67 000 Lives.

How to:
Each sterilisation costs R500, please email OR transfer into the following account:

Please note, this is to sponsor an animal only

Account Name: Woodrock Animal Rescue

Bank: ABSA

Account Number: 4094864569

Branch Code: 632005

Account Type: Cheque

SWIFT Code (International): ABSAZAJJXXX

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