Procedures Overview FOR CATS

Before applying to adopt a cat from Woodrock Animal Rescue, it is essential that our Adoption Policy, Conditions and Agreements, and the fees payable by you, the Adopter, are read, understood and agreed to in full.

Woodrock Animal Rescue is a registered Non – Profit Organisation (NPO 103-156), PBO NO: 930048323 and Public Benefits Organisation. We are funded through community support. Our important work on behalf of animals is reliant on the generosity of our donors.

Woodrock Animal Rescue believes that each animal deserves a loving, stable “forever home”. For this reason, the re-homing procedure is extensive. Animals in our care are treated like our own. We take this process seriously, so we are strict because we are obliged to ensure that only the best homes are found for them.

All animals will be sterilised, micro-chipped, vaccinated, treated for ticks and fleas and dewormed before adoption. A vaccination health record reflecting all related historical information is handed over upon handover to the new owner.


Step 1

After choosing your new addition to your family, an adoption form must be completed.

The form can be completed online or downloaded for printing. Both options of the form can be accessed by clicking on the yellow “Apply to adopt now” button near the bottom of this page.

Please read through all the sections of policies and fees on this page before proceeding with an application, together with the non-refundable deposit.

Step 2

Based on the information provided in the form, we will contact you and invite you to meet the animal in person at Woodrock Animal Rescue should this not already have taken place. If you own dogs and are not certain how they would react or behave in the presence of a cat, we ask that you bring your dog(s) along for a social. (Woodrock cannot take any responsibility should the interaction not be successful)

Step 3

If both parties are happy with the “social meeting” (should this occur) and are happy to proceed, we will conduct a home-check. We may ask you to send us a couple of photo’s of your home.

Step 4

If the home-check passes scrutiny, the adoption papers will be put in order. An appointment will be made for collection of the animal(s).

Step 5

Upon collection, the total adoption fee is due and payable.



A R200 non-refundable DEPOSIT is payable on application. This amount will be deducted from the total Adoption Fee if the application for the adoption is successful, i.e. all requisites have been met. All existing animals are sterilised (if old enough), inoculated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms before leaving our premises.


Kittens and adult Cats: R 800 – includes Vaccinations, de-worming, flea treatment, micro-chipping and sterilisation.

Download the adoption form below or CLICK HERE to contact us directly