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Hello! I'm Kricket!

Dark brown Mexican Hairless dog wearing a yellow bowtie
Gender: Male
Age (approximate):9
Size: Medium
At shelter since: 2021/01/18
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with dogs? Yes
Good with children? Yes
Good with people? Yes
House-trained? Unknown
Special needs? Yes
His skin needs special attention – special sunscreens, shampoos, etc..

From what we see, we think Kricket has had a hard life. We wish he could speak to us and tell us about all the things he has seen and we wish we could tell him that everything will be okay and that he is safe now and that we won’t stop until we find him a retirement home and somewhere safe to spend his remaining years.

If you’d like to sponsor or foster Kricket please contact Talia at:

082 925 3133 

Alternatively, click on the “Enquire about…” button above, complete the contact form and we will contact you.