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Adoption Procedures

for CATS

  • Adult:  R600 (includes inoculations, de-worming, flea treatment, microchipping and sterilisation)

  • Kitten:  R800 (includes first inoculations, deworming, flea treatment, microchipping and sterilisation).

Adoption Fees

A R200 non-refundable ADOPTION BOOKING FEE is payable on application. This will be deducted from the total Adoption Fee if the adoption is successful.
All our animals are STERILISED (if old enough), inocculated, microchipped, treated for fleas and treated for worms, prior to leaving our premises.


An additional R200 is payable if a cat or kitten leaves our premises before it has been sterilised. This will be REFUNDED on request and when proof of sterilisation has been received by Woodrock Animal Rescue. It is hereby agreed, that should you adopt an animal from Woodrock Animal Rescue, you undertake to uphold our sterilisation policy. 

Because there are so many animals out there, Woodrock Animal Rescue aims to curb rampant and uncontrolled animal breeding by exercising its rights in accordance with the “Conditions Precedent to the Adoption Agreement and Limited Title to the Adopted Animal” below. 

Woodrock Animal Rescue
Adoption Procedures for CATS:

Due to Covid-19 we are facilitating adoptions on an appointment basis only.

We answer questions regarding our Rescue Animals via phone, email or in person at Woodrock Animal Rescue, to determine suitability.

The adopter must visit the Shelter and meet the animal in person. We recommend a meet-and-greet between the family, family pets and the animal(s) you’re interested in adopting. This must take place at Woodrock.

The adopter completes an Adoption Application form (available below) and pays a non-refundable R200 booking fee. This fee will be deducted from the total adoption fee if adoption is successful.

A home-check date is arranged.

On collection of your new furry family member, the full adoption fee is payable.

If the adoption does not work out, the adopted animal must be returned, no questions asked.​

Conditions Precedent to the Adoption Agreement and Limited Title to the Adopted Animal

If at any time, throughout the future life of the adopted animal, Woodrock Animal Rescue, at its sole discretion, determines that the welfare of the adopted animal is compromised, or the adopter fails to comply with the “Unsterilised Policy” above, then Woodrock Animal Rescue retains the RIGHT to take back possession of the adopted animal from the person adopting the animal.

The adopter further agrees that Woodrock Animal Rescue may visit the new family home at future times and that access to the premises’ will not be withheld.
The adopter further agrees that no change in ownership to the adopted animal shall take place without approval and consent being obtained from Woodrock Animal Rescue.

The adopter must notify Woodrock Animal Rescue immediately should the adopted animal display any adverse health issues. In such an instance, The Adopter, after leaving Woodrock Animal Rescue’s premises if so required, is obligated to make use of a veterinary practice appointed by Woodrock Animal Rescue.

Notwithstanding any representations of it’s management and staff, admissions or omissions made by Woodrock Animal Rescue relating to the animal adopted, Woodrock Animal Rescue cannot be held accountable or responsible for any deviations thereto, and accordingly no liability shall attach to Woodrock Animal Rescue as a result of loss, damage or injury to the person or property of any person, as a result thereof.

Due to the nature of Animal Rescue, we are not always able to ascertain whether an adopted animal is “house-trained”. Patience is emphasised over the transition phase.

We are always available for advice, a chat or reassurance! By adopting an animal from us, you are embarking on an ongoing relationship. You have now become part of the Woodrock Animal Rescue family. We make a promise to be there for you, just as you have promised to love, protect and cherish the new member of your family.


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