Written by a fellow rescuer

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Written by a fellow rescuer

Written by a fellow rescuer

“People seriously have no idea what NON-PROFIT organisations and rescues go through to give these babies just the best chance at a well deserved life !

We pull them out of mud and chaos, out of pain and destruction, we save them from death itself.
We wipe bottoms,
We clean poopie blankies,
We give bottle,
We deal with worm infestations,
We deal with blood sucking ticks and fleas,
We deal with the sadness and pain of Parvo, Distemper and Leukaemia,
We stay up through all hours of the day and night hoping and praying for miracles to happen that sometimes don’t show …
We sterilise, micro-chip and deworm at our own cost.
We do more than humanity will ever know or realise….
We do it all and still stay hopeful …

We pour our hearts and souls into each and every dog, cat, kitten and pup that come through the Rescue is Life door.

We invest our time,
Our effort,
Our money,
Our love,
Our patience,
Our home,
Our sleep,
Even sometimes our sanity….
All this for a very temporary but voiceless soul….

Then when they go to their forever family they steal a piece of our hearts as well…..
Humanity will never even realise how painful it gets, but it is all worth it, because we saved a life !
An innocent life who does not deserve this earthly pain and humiliation of being treated as just another animal, “a sheep to the slaughter”…

In comparison to all of that is asking a adoption fee to help the next earth bound angels really that big of a price to pay?

What is a dog or cat other than an angel without wings, a companion that asks nothing of you, but still devotes it’s whole entire life to making you smile and feel loved…