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Woodrock Warriors

Woodrock Warriors

Volunteers have a very important role to play in the rehabilitation programme at Woodrock Animal Rescue. We call our long term committed volunteers and Woodrock Warriors to assist at Woodrock Animal Rescue on a Saturday and Sunday morning between 8am and 2pm with the following tasks: 

  • ​Dog Walking
  • Tickle &  Touch
  • Meet & Greet

Woodrock Warriors need to have patience and compassion for the Woodrock dogs.  To take part in our “Woodrock Warriors” volunteer programme please complete the  Woodrock Volunteer Application Form below.   ​(NOTE: Warrior Volunteers need to be 16 years or older.)

NOTE: School community service hours is a seperate initiative.. Please click here for more information.

Being a Woodrock Warrior

On a Saturday and Sunday morning, Woodrock Warrior volunteers meet at Woodrock Animal Rescue. Your team leader will explain what is expected of you on the day. ​Please wear a good sun hat, comfortable old clothes, and sturdy, closed, walking shoes. The walking is in a rocky mountain area. If you have Woodrock t-shirt, please wear it on our walks.

Come along anytime from  8 am to commence duties/walking at 8:30 am.  You are welcome to come later, if an early start is not for you. Our animals always enjoy a second walk or more tickle and touch and are always happy to see you!

Dog Walking
Walking dogs in a group on lead at Woodrock Animal Rescue is about a 1.5km walk.  There is also a shorter walk for smaller/older dogs. Walks enrich the shelter dogs’ lives and they simply love the walks!

Tickle and Touch
Interacting with the dogs in the Tickle and Touch Area at Woodrock Animal Rescue.  The dogs at Woodrock thrive on human interaction. A repaired well socialised dog is easier to rehome.

Meet and Greet
Manning the Meet & Greet table at the Woodrock Animal Shelter Rescue.  You are our visitor’s first impression of Woodrock Animal Rescue. Meet and greet our visitors, make them feel welcome, find out what they require and direct them accordingly.

Woodrock Warrior Golden Rules

  • On arrival, write your name in the Volunteer register.  Explain to your team leader what you would like to do.  Explain your level of walking and the strength of dog that you are capable of handling. Some days are harder than others, hence you may feel tired, or you may have gotten over flu or had a bad night, we fully understand.  
  • Wear a good sun hat, comfortable old clothes, and sturdy closed walking shoes. Bring water and sun screen. 
  • Woodrock Warriors are welcome to bring  along your committed human children as long as you supervise them at all times.

Golden rules for the safety of our dogs when doing dog walking :

  • Keep a safe distance from the dogs in front of you  
  • Make certain that your grip is solid
  • Ensure that you are capable of handling your dog. You can make changes. Don’t be shy.

If you have any questions please email  volunteers@woodrockanimalrescue.co.za

Woodrock Warrior Application Form

To take part in our Woodrock Warriors volunteer programme please download the Woodrock Volunteer Application Form below and email the completed form to volunteers@woodrockanimalrescue.co.za.   Woodrock Warriors need to be 16 years or older. Thank you for wanting to volunteer and be a voice for the voiceless!

Woodrock Warrior Testimonials…

Kris Kritzinger, “I loved the volunteering. You can see the appreciation the dogs have for their walk, their belly rub or treat. They don’t ask much and we have so much to give!”

Irmi Le Roux “We were looking for a way to give back when we found out about Woodrock’s volunteer program. We’ve been volunteers since January 2016 and hardly ever miss a Sunday walking the dogs. It’s become the highlight of my week! When we are away on holiday I miss my doggy-fix. Being able to help and seeing the difference it makes is really addictive.”

Jaco Le Roux “If you ever thought that the dogs at Woodrock are the only ones benefiting for someone volunteering their time, then think again. Firstly you get a good bit of exercise in doing the 1.5km walk a couple of times, and secondly, you get a chance to take a deep breath and get your head clear for the coming week. There is no better place to do that, than on the farm at Woodrock. All of this you get for free, but the best part is seeing the dogs and how excited they get as they know what is coming when you arrive. Getting to work and walk with the dogs is definitely a highlight of my week, especially when it has been a stressful one. Woodrock in an AWESOME place to spend a few hours a month giving something back and doing some good.”



School Community Service:

Are you interested in volunteering at Woodrock for your 10 hours of  Community Service? Then the Woodrock Warrior programme is not for you. Woodrock Warriors are long term volunteers (16 years and older) that give their time for no reward. Therefore, we would love it if you joined Woodrock Warriors, but this will not count towards your community service. We have a community service programme. For more info please visit our community service article for more information and the application form to take part.


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