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Community Service

Community Service

Community Service:

Are you interested in volunteering at Woodrock for your 10 hours of  School Community Service?

Woodrock Animal Rescue  have proudly developed a Woodrock Community Service Initiative, to support the animal loving school learners to achieve their school required community service hours.

Woodrock Animal Rescue Community Service Initiative includes the following to achieve the 10 hours:

  • Groups of a minimum of 10 learners, come to our shelter on a pre-scheduled date and time. Your day will be filled with a talk, walking, feeding the farm animals, providing touch love and rehabilitating the shy new animals arriving. Clean out areas. Six hours supervised volunteering at Woodrock Animal Rescue (8am to 2pm).
  • Each learner will be expected to take home a Woodrock Animal Rescue collection tin can. The proceeds of the money in the tin will be used towards our Mission of Sterilisation. 
  • Every learner who has taken part in the Woodrock Community service project and has returned the full Woodrock Animal Rescue collection tin can will receive a letter confirming that you have completed your 10 hour of community service. 

​Learners need to APPLY to take part as we need a minimum of 10 learners to run the programme for a day. To apply please download and complete the attached form. Email the completed form to

What is Expected of Me After My Woodrock Community Service

Woodrock encourage learners to be mindful and apply the values of our rescue mission once you have completed your time with Woodrock Animal Rescue.   Read up on Woodrock Animal Rescue and understand what we are about, our mission and purpose.

Commitment: Make a valuable contribution to Woodrock Animal Rescue after your mandatory community service hours are completed.    Below are some suggestions:

  1. Hold a cake sale (or an organised event as a group) to raise money for our cause.
  2. Drive an SMS campaign in your community promoting our SMS donation line.
  3. Request donations to Woodrock Animal Rescue on lieu of birthday gifts.
  4. Encourage your family to sign up for a Myschoolmyplanet card in favour of Woodrock Animal Rescue.
  5. Have an awareness table outside Woolworths and encourage people to sign up for a MyschoolMyVillageMyPlanet card in favour of Woodrock Animal Rescue
  6. Ask friends and family to support our cause by signing up for our newsletter.
  7. Apply to become a Woodrock Warrior Volunteer. 
  8. Adopt a dog/cat from Woodrock Animal Rescue


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