As we start closing the curtains on 2021, we thought it only right to reflect on the year that was. For Woodrock Animal Rescue, we considered this year to be one of achievement. We strive to maintain our standard of service and constantly work, fundraise and educate communities to stay on the pulse of animal rescue.

Knowing we are the voice to the voiceless. We are the helpers, the hands on… We do the grunt work and put in the hours, a task which we passionately take on. Having said that- it’s only through community involvement, and our incredible supporters that we are able to continue on with our plight. YOU are the backbone of our shelter.

Our PUP Pop up project which has now seen noteworthy adoption numbers are quickly becoming synonymous with a feel-good day out that has huge reach and has become a talking point within the central Sandton as well as Parktown north areas. We have also seen immense benefit to the overall well being of our gorgeous animals who seem to thrive on their “big day out”- giving them a taste of social life out of the environment of a shelter environment. To date we have been able to successfully rehome on average over 602 dogs From January to November 2021 through this project alone.


Speaking of 3. 


How Long Does it Take a Rescue Dog to Adjust?

The common milestones your new dog or puppy will go through will be the first 3 days after bringing your dog home from the shelter, then 3 weeks, then 3 months. If you’ve ever started a new job or moved to a new school, you should know this feeling. The feeling of being in an unfamiliar place, new surroundings, new people, new rules. The first few days are spent trying to figure it all out. Then a few weeks later, you are getting more comfortable, meeting new friends, learning the schedule, and rules. After a few months, you’ve got it all figured out and are settled in your new job or school.

The 3 Days, 3 Weeks, 3 Month Rule. In the first 3 days, your new dog will be overwhelmed with his new surroundings. He will not be comfortable enough to be himself. Don’t be alarmed if he doesn’t want to eat for the first couple of days, many dogs don’t eat when they are stressed. He may shut down and want to curl up in his crate or under the table. He may be scared and unsure what is going on, or he may be the opposite and test you to see what he can get away with, kind of like a teenager.

After 3 weeks, he’s starting to settle in, feeling more comfortable, and realizing this really may be his forever home. He has figured out his environment and is getting into the routine that you have set. 

He lets his guard down and may start showing his real personality. Behaviour issues may start showing, this is your time to be a strong pack leader and show him what is right and wrong. After 3 months, your dog is now completely comfortable in his home. You have built trust and a true bond with your dog, which gives him a complete sense of security with you.

He is set in his routine and will come to expect his dinner at his usual time. The first thing most people want to do is show off their new dog. Just take it slow, I know you are excited but keep in mind how your dog is feeling. He has been through a lot, he may have lost his family, abandoned in a shelter… It’s all very stressful. He needs time, so give it to him. Enjoy your new rescue dog, he will be your best friend!

This is one adoption amongst so many that stands out. FOOFI was adopted from Woodrock in his twilight years- 12 years old. The family have since immigrated to Scotland. Seen Here is Foofie on the beach. We are told that he will be celebrating in style – Cake and all his 16th Birthday.

2021 has brought with it challenges but fortunately it has also blessed us with a dream come true.

Since inception, medical attention has been a necessary and often crucial element to the rescue work that we do.

This year we reached a milestone. A dream that we never thought possible. A dream to get our clinic registered. Headed up by a Doctor Ilsa Fourie and her medical team. 

Nurse Colette and Joey Medical Caregivers have offered Woodrock a sense of security. We strive to save as many animals as we are able to. This is life changing

So what’s in store for our shelter animals over the next six weeks? Although the festive season brings joy to many, for animal rescuers it is often a very stressful time. Anxiety – inducing calls plague us at all hours and it really IS silly season for us. After 34 years Woodrock await the influx and mayhem that comes with this period. All the while we try to remain positive and optimistic that this year will be more civil and less silly.We aspire to always change lives and we aim to successfully continue adopting out beautiful animals to loving and caring forever homes.

Through your strength, optimism and support, we at Woodrock Animal Rescue will always try… Can’t does not feature in our vocabulary because together we KNOW we can. But we can continue to strengthen our plight for the voiceless by liking and sharing the work that we do and help network our stunning animals.

For us the formula is simple:
Your shares on facebook = the driving force to help us achieve our dreams of helping as many creatures as possible.

But animal people sure know how to razzle up an event if animals are involved and “bowewow” we sure do because drumroll please, we present to you our very first Woodrock POOCH PAGEANT. An event where we have fun for a purpose. The purpose of rehoming some of our showstopping animals who have been in a shelter environment for an extended period who deserve a show (case) of their very own to find their forever home…

ON THE 5 TH DECEMBER 2021 join us in celebrating some of our unique animals (who have varying needs) strutting their stuff in a Pageant!

So… we ask how do we choose the most beautiful smart charismatic dog- The answer is we can’t. But we have a plan…. Over the next 4 weeks have a line up of dogs that have spent months and some years at Shelter- keep an eye out as we will be celebrating them all this month.

Come along – we can’t wait to include our loving dedicated community and handlers as they present our pooches who will strut their stuff on the runway. Dogs in the line-up are all beautiful, highly adoptable models who will showcase their unique differences.

This Pageant will highlight how each animal is different BUT that every pot has a lid and it is through community involvement and uncompromising love that these “exceptional” animals will rise to the top and find homes.

We don’t cower at a challenge and we hope that this Pageant showcases that every living being has the right to love, shelter and security! So come on down and celebrate our lifers, our “differently-abled” fur babies and those animals whose ailments have hindered them from being in the spotlight up until this point!

Book your Tickets Via Quicket; There will be an opportunity To Get tickets at The Gate.

The festive season is close and we are fast approaching our annual TIN CAN XMAS TREE BUILD UP

Check out some of our years past grand trees collected for and built

As always this year we hope to make the biggest tree yet. To find out how you can contribute to this awesome fundraiser.

You CAN BUY TINS OF FOOD VIA Take-A-Lot And they deliver directly to Plot 51 R511 Hennops River Valley.

Drop off at Woodrock Animal Rescue
Plot 51, on the R511 between Fourways and Hartbeespoort Hennops River Valley,
Hennops River, Centurion, South Africa. Or 17 Empangeni Street Paulshof

Order online through takealot.com or epetstore.co.za and make Woodrock Animal Rescue the delivery address as above.

Woodrock have a Christmas 2021 Wish!

We want to BUILD a CHRISTMAS TREE using DOG AND CAT FOOD TINS! So the next time you’re doing a shop please keep in mind our furry friends at Woodrock and the surrounds that Woodrock assist.We want to fill some tummies this Christmas.


Rescue life is every moment of every day and a sense of humour coupled with LOVE, DEVOTION, DEDICATION And a formidable team Keep us forging forward. Thank you Woodrockers.

Well that’s all for me now, I have puppies breath to smell and videos of dogs dreaming to video. I hope your week is as wonderful!

Until next month-

Love Stella